Importance of date night – written by a newlywed.

Men and women think that they were done with dating the day they got into the relationship, that dating is something that the kids do and that they don’t need to surprise and treat their better half because you don’t need to impress someone that is already yours. There’s also the old “we don’t have time for dating.”

They are wrong.

Date night is about keeping that spark alive, flaming that connection that made you choose the person in the first place.

If you think about it, date night is also a cheap way to avoid divorce. Too often we hear men and women say ‘we have grown apart’ or ‘I don’t know him/her anymore’ and that’s because we don’t make time for each other. Life is always our excuse. We are too busy at work, college or with the kids. Hence the importance of date night.

If everyone just realized that date night is a time for romance, relaxation, and fun – it’s a time to get away


life’s pressure. It’s about recreating those ‘young love’ moments. Why should the fun end just because you got married or in a serious relationship?

Date nights show the person just how much you love, adore, appreciate and most of all prioritize them – your loved one needs to feel important to you in your busy schedule of work, college,


and friends. When couples often spend time together they are more likely to grow closer to each other rather than apart, no matter the size of the storms their relationship is facing.

We at Date Night Box offer the solution. We plan date night so that you don’t have to! You order and enjoy.

Date night is not a luxury, it is an essential part of any relationship, young or old.

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